Videography & Photography for your sweet memories...
Hi, I'm so glad you're here! I'm Renata. Professional Filmmaker and Photographer.   
And I love capturing Elopements! After working in the wedding industry for half a decade, for me it is the elopements that have always shined brightest.
You don't have to have a wedding day like anyone else.
Have it Intimate, have it bold, or quiet, have it an adventure to remember.  
The beauty of Eloping is the intimacy created with time and space. Whether its a banquet shared with your nearest and dearest or the two of you exchanging vowels on a wind swept cliff top. Im here to capture your MAGIC. 

"Do you do Videography and Photography?"
Yes! I do and love both. I can do one or the other, or both together. 
With larger events I advise you have two professionals to cover your day. But like everything else when choosing to elope there is more available for you! 
With my equipment setup I can easily flow between photography and videography to capture each moment. Without any compromise. 
Depending on how you are having your elopement we are discuss your needs together.
Yes! I love weddings of all sizes, however Elopements have a special place in my heart.
And as far as work behind the camera goes, there’s nothing I love more
 I suppose it best fits my personality, big crowds aren't my jam. 
Intimate experiences, free from rushing, time to be present with your loved ones and of course room for adventure!
What do you consider an Elopment?
An Elopement is an intimate scale wedding ranging between 4 and  2o people.
Gone are the days where it is a hasty wedding in a court house. Elopements are carefully planned days of celebration that break the mould of what people think a wedding should be. 
 Some of my favourite Elopements have ranged from simple Bnb getaway, with immediate family, a ceremony seaside followed by sit down banquet with hired chef. An evening of good food & conversation.  So many tears and laughter where shared that day.
To remote locations,
 hiking to rugged cliff-tops and mountain ranges with the celebrate, the couples dog, and a bottle of champagne.
Ive had dancing through the streets, spontaneous visits to grandmas house, jumping in freezing lakes 
and moments of the most exquisite teary eyed ''I Love you's.''
Natural and Relaxed.
I focus on the genuine candid moments. I capture those little emotional cues that tell the story of an individual. For me the wedding story is a lineage of frames, pieced together to create a beautiful memories. Cinematic, emotional and true to your day. 

"I don’t like to pose"

I know, I don’t either. More than anything I want you to be present and have fun.  I've found this happens best when you are totally and utterly wrapped up in the love of this incredible day. I understand having a camera in your face can be new and confronting. So I take care to create a space that makes you feel comfortable.
I take great pride in my work, I believe that emotions felt in the moment are captured and immortalised visible for eternity. So you don't have to worry about unnatural smiles and awkward poses. This works for you and for me. 
When we are doing couple shoots i'll have little prompts to optimise the light & environment. I'll move around you, I don't want you to have memories of a video/photoshoot where your feet and cheeks hurt. I want you to have memories of walking hand in hand with your new husband or wife. The sweetness of their kiss and how it feels to have them in your arms. I may ask you to go for a walk, sit down somewhere beautiful and take in the view. If you feel like dancing, Dance! If you feel like chatting, Chat! I may ask you to look each other in the eyes, and take a few minutes to breathe.
More than anything its about having fun, when you're having fun I am too.
"Can my dog come?"
YES please!
There is nothing more worth while than investing in your day. I understand that for you these moments captured are priceless. 
You have so many Photographers & Videographers to choose from and it can be overwhelming. 
My advice is to choose one you resonate with. From their personality to how they capture moments and make you feel. If that's me I'd be honoured to be a part of your day.
My weddings have taken me to such incredible locations in Australia, New Zealand and soon beyond.
Destination weddings and unique locations may involve travel costs.
So please contact me for my current packages here you will find options for custom experiences so however your day looks there will be an option for you .
After receiving your wedding information guide from me, please feel free to ask further about prices to suit your needs.

We like you, how can we meet? 
Im so exited my work resonates with you. Let's get to know each other, I want to hear about you and your day!
Let's organise a zoom or Face-time catch up.
Want to lock your date in?
It's easy, i'll send you my T&C's to sign along with a 50% deposit. From that point on you're done and dusted another decision made and one step closer to your dream day.  
Handover, Turnaround & Quantity
I supply all selected images edited on USB in both high and low resolution. 
Selected images are the photographs that I have meticulously chosen, edited and colour toned to curated your wedding documentary in the most beautiful, honest and emotional form. 
Because every story is different each album varies in numbers. I don’t have a limit here however I do promise a minimum. For example a Full-Day would be a minimum of 250 images. On average couples would receive 400-450 images. 
For me editing videos are a special thing, look forward to crafting each story, sounds and emotions of the day.
depending on your package your video will be anywhere between 1-2min & 5-6mins. 
You will receive a private Vimeo link from this link you can view share and download straight to your device.
The final package is usually delivered within three-six weeks from the wedding date. 
It’s about the little details and moments in-between. From teary eyed fathers, to intimate whispers of “I love you” before vowels exchange. First looks & confetti sprays, morning surfs to mountain tops, sunset getaways swaying in golden rays. However you choose to Elope I cant wait to capture every moment of it.

Love always,
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